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Ourhood Community: An Online Marketplace for Premium Black-Owned Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

Ourhood Community, a curated platform for premium Black-owned brands and creative talent, will showcase unique gender-neutral fashion and lifestyle products. To celebrate the marketplace's launch, a specially selected edit will feature in a pop-up in Market Peckham from June 15 – July 25.

In the tumultuous summer of 2020, Ourhood Community was created by school friends Mike Thomas and Michael Taylor; both men have worked across the retail and creative industries. The platform was born from a desire to address social injustice and reward talent in the Black community by creating an easier way for Black creatives to reach new customers.

The creators commented on the origins of Ourhood Community: “Summer 2020 brought home many issues and injustices that Black communities face. There is so much that needs to be done but the onus can’t be on every Black person to address every issue. We saw a gap to create a platform that promotes and sells premium Black fashion to not only open up these brands to new audiences but also help change the single-story myth about Black fashion, it’s not just streetwear”.

Committed to collaborating with labels that are both rich in style and culture, Ourhood Community launched with brands Bad Habits London, Christian Kye, B-side, TENS Studio, Savant Studios, Martine Ali, FourSixte, and EMBMNT.

If you want a more curated, conscious approach to your wardrobe, Ourhood Community strives to connect you with creative and innovative Black design talents from the UK, US and Europe. Alongside the edit, Ourhood Community will discuss the brand's founders and the stories behind their brands.

A percentage of all Ourhood Community profits are donated to Black focused charities, to give back to the community, and create opportunities for the next generation.

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