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Nanny Sharz: The Origin of a New Type of Nanny

Having grown up in a household full of brothers and sisters, full-time nanny and owner of Nanny Sharz, Shada Lambert, knew that she was destined to start her own business.

Lambert started babysitting when she was thirteen and never looked back. She has been a nanny for 17 years and has no intention of letting up. Due to the lockdown, Lambert has not been able to travel. But before COVID, she had clients worldwide– Nigeria, Scotland, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, and America. During the pandemic, she provided free childcare services to single parents in southeast London who usually couldn't afford a nanny.

But as many successful business owners understand, complacency can destroy a business. Lambert knows that for companies like hers to grow, the nanny industry needs to change. But that isn't the only thing driving her quest for change. As a black nanny, Lambert has encountered racism from her clients for something as simple as handing in a two-week notice. Not to mention the complicated history of black women raising other people's children, especially white children.

Lambert searched for nannies that didn't fit the stereotype of what a nanny looks like. But she didn't find one, so she became that nanny and went public with a brand message, highlighting her differences. Once Lambert showed off her bright personality, bright lipstick and all, she was met with an inbox full of messages from nannies of all colours who were thrilled to see someone like her "be the change" in such a complicated field.

She is endlessly optimistic about her work for families and the messaging she wants to convey, but it hasn't always been easy. She started her business amid the first post-lockdown, which was a big risk because the government would tighten restrictions soon after.

Lambert stated that her biggest hurdle as a beginner entrepreneur was financial. There is a lack of funding for black businesses, especially for black women-led companies. Even applying for help can be intimidating when you're new to business. As a start-up black-owned business, Lambert hopes to see more support for entrepreneurs like her, especially those in an industry like childcare.

Nanny Sharz started as a brand offering nanny services but has since grown to provide sleep and potty training while also coaching new nannies.

While her journey towards entrepreneurship has been a challenge, Lambert knows that it was worth it. Being an entrepreneur isn't for the faint of heart, so having a genuine love for what you do and a positive outlook is critical.

To learn more about Shada Lambert's nannying services and coaching, visit Nanny Sharz.


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